Leitz NeXXt Strong Metal Fullstrip Stapler

Sturdy metal stapler for everyday use. Robust and reliable. Patented Direct Impact Technology and Leitz Power Performance staples P3 (24/6, 26/6) and P4 (24/8, 26/8) ensure perfect stapling every time.
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Staples up to 40 sheets of paper (80 gsm)

Effortless, accurate stapling with patented Direct Impact Technology

Handy, integrated staple remover

Push-button easy to turn anvil to switch between open and closed stapling, 180° opening enables nailing function

For Leitz Power Performance staples: P3 (24/6 or 26/6) for 2 to 30 sheets, P4 (24/8 or 26/8) for 10 to 40 sheets, staples pack included

To use with Leitz Power Performance staples – always sharp edges due to ongoing quality checks – for perfect stapling

10 year guarantee when using Leitz staples


Code 55040095
Color black
Material Metal housing with plastic parts, metal mechanical parts
Dimensions 41 x 64 x 182
Integrated staple remover yes
Guarantee 10 year guarantee when using Leitz staples
Capacity of stapling 4 mm/40 sheets (80 gsm paper)
Type of staples (capacity) 150x P3 24/6 or 210x P3 26/6 for 2 to 30 sheets, 150x P4 24/8 or 210x P4 26/6 for 10 to 40 sheets
Loading mechanism Top loading, 180° opening
Scope of delivery Inclusive 200 P4 staples 24/8
Stapling Opened, closed and nailed
Weight 0.29