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Leitz Office Essentials

Find the right desk essentials for your company

The return to the office is an opportunity to reenergize the workforce, encourage shared goals and increase the sense of community amongst employees. Ensuring the right desk essentials are used to grow productivity, innovation, ideation and rapid decision-making will be essential for a seamless return to the workplace. The office environment needs to be engaging while complementing evolving working styles and trends. This guide gives you a quick overview of essential office items for a modern workplace.

Leitz Filing products on a desk in a modern office environment

Office Organisation & Filing

Create an ideal workspace for your employees. A well-organised office helps to increase productivity and limits frustration.

Leitz 180° Lever Arch File Classic Marbled, CO2 compensated, 100% recycled card
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Leitz NeXXt Metal Office Stapler
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Leitz Plus Letter Tray, Standard
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Leitz Premium Folder
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Leitz Plus Magazine File
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Leitz Form Set
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Leitz PC printable Index, PP, extra wide
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Leitz Recycle Products on wooden desk with plants

Sustainable Desk Essentials

Protecting the environment has never been more important and sustainability is a key aspect in equipping a modern office. For example every product in the Leitz Recycle range is climate neutral, 100% recyclable and made from a high percentage of recycled materials.

Leitz Paper Shredder in front of office door

Essentials for a GDPR compliant office

Handling confidential paper documents safely remains a priority. Our comprehensive range of Leitz Paper Shredders make it quick and simple for all employees to dispose of any sensitive paper data and comply with strict GDPR legislation with cross cut shredders and micro cut shredders.

Modern Office location with natural light and Leitz Ergo Cosy products on desk

Ergonomic Office Essentials

Create a comfortable and active workspace to keep your employees alert with Leitz Ergonomic Office Products. Improve the health and wellbeing of your colleagues by effortlessly creating an inviting and flexible workspace that keeps them moving all day.

Leitz products packed in Leitz Click & Store Storage Box on desk

Hot Desking Essentials

Working from home and in the office means switching work places and requires products that keep your employees mobile and productive. And they should also organise and protect any other accessories needed at a desk.

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