Large open plan office with Leitz IQ Paper Shredder and Leitz filing products

Data Protection in the Office

Paper Security for your company

When it comes to data protection, it is important to avoid unnecessary risks. Storing and disposing of paper documents are regulated under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) just like digital information.

A key part in fulfilling the requirements of data protection in the office is the use of paper shredders.

What type of documents should you shred?

These examples illustrade the needs to shred in companies. Of course there may be more cases to use paper shredders depending on your company.

HR & Employment records

  • Employee contracts
  • Salary & pension records
  • Medical records


  • Invoices & remittances
  • Tax records
  • Balance sheets
  • Bank statements and other company financial records


  • Copies of contracts
  • Expired compliance policies, audits and inspection reports (e.g. health and safety)

Sales & Marketing

  • Customer records
  • Mailing lists
  • Sales forecasts
  • R&D documentation

Leitz Paper Shredders for every Office Location

Leitz IQ Protect Premium Shredder being used under office desk

Small Office Shredders

With premium features such as anti-jam technology and intuitive touch controls, our small office paper shredders quietly protect your data without disturbing your day.

Leitz Autofeed Shredder in Front of Office Door

Large Office Shredders

Designed for heavy duty shredding in large offices, for example the Leitz Autofeed Automatic Shredders can shred up to 600 sheets at one time.

Paper Document Storage

Leitz Lever Arch Files and other Filing products on office shelf

Everything you need to file your Documents

From the iconic Leitz Lever Arch Files to stylish Storage Boxes, Leitz offers the perfect solution for paper document storage in every office location.