Make a real difference to your desk

With a broad range of desk essentials, WOW combines style with purpose. Transform your workspace with vibrant pops of your favourite colour to truly reflect your personality. Stay on trend this year with the newest colour and texture additions to the range.

For a happy and energetic space, choose yellow. And why not coordinate your colour choice with our new black and white accessories for even more stand out?


Discover your true WOW colours

Colour not only expresses your identity, but how you use it within your workspace can have a big impact on your mood and productivity. So whatever your style, co-ordinate your desk accessories to perfectly reflect your personality and achieve your goals.


Huge variety of possibilities

The breadth of WOW’s office range is reflected in the endless options available. Whether it’s the silent wall clock, easily collapsible storage boxes or staplers with patented functions, each are available in our energetic range of colours.



Be Inspired

Leitz created WOW to have showstopping power. So if you’re looking to embrace a new trend, or want to create an energetic atmosphere, WOW is on the pulse of all the latest colour stories and evolving office trends.


Work better by design

‘Design is a way of thinking that helps large organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises, change the way they work.’ - Design Council, 2015

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