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Not sure which Air Purifier to buy?  No problem.  Our product finder makes selecting the best air purifier for your home that little bit easier.

What will your Air Purifier help protect you against?
Pollen is produced by flowers, trees, and grasses and is one of the most common causes of allergies.
When someone is allergic to pollen, their immune system has an adverse reaction when breathing in this allergen.
Anti Viral
Viruses and bacteria can spread with coughs and sneezes.
Promote a healthy environment by decreasing the number of airborne bacteria and viruses that disperse throughout your home or office space.
Pet Allergies
Sneezing, shortness of breath and watery eyes may all be signs that your pets are giving you more than their companionship.
Pets are a major source of indoor allergens. Pet dander, made up of tiny flecks of skin shed by animals with fur or feathers, can cause reactions in people with sensitivities.
Airborne Allergens
Your indoor air may be substantially worse than the outside air you are breathing.
Environmental experts claim that the average household may contain as many as 62 toxic chemicals.
Where will the Air Purifier be used?
Bedrooms & Home Offices
Air filtration systems designed for smaller rooms like bedrooms and home offices.
Look for models with Nighttime mode for quieter nighttime running in bedrooms.
Kitchens & Hallways
Air filtration systems able to handle busy medium sized spaces such as kitchens or hallways.
Larger rooms
Larger family rooms, receptions and waiting rooms need more powerful air filtration systems.
Air Quality
Would you like to monitor your Air Quality?
Leitz TruSens models with Air Quality indicators help you to keep track of the air quality in your home.
Not sure
No worries, we'll show you the best options based on your selections.
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Drei neue Spezialfilter

Dank der neuen Spezialfilter, die extra für bestimmte Allergien und gesundheitliche Probleme entwickelt wurden, kann Leitz TruSens die Luftqualität noch effektiver verbessern. Drei neue Spezialfilter sind verfügbar:


Allergie & Grippe

Schützen Sie sich noch besser vor Viren, Grippe und Allergenen in der Luft mit der Allergie & Grippe HEPA Filtertrommel.



Die Gerüche HEPA Filtertrommel hilft, gängige Koch- und Reinigungsgerüche zu entfernen und bestimmte flüchtige organische Gase (VOC) zu reduzieren.



Wenn Sie ein Haustier besitzen, können Sie auch den Haustier 3-in-1 HEPA-Filter verwenden, der bis zu 99,97 % der Hautschuppen und Haare von Haustieren auffängt.