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Portable speakers with Bluetooth technology from Leitz  for your favourite music or conference calls.

Our sleek, stylish wireless speakers offer crystal clear sound and come equipped with several useful features. Whether you prefer to enjoy music without headphones or regularly receive conference calls, simply connect your smartphone, tablet or PC via Bluetooth to our portable speakers for incredible sound!

Connect portable speakers via Bluetooth, wherever, whenever with Leitz

From handy Mini wireless speakers for business trips to elegantly designed tabletop Bluetooth speakers, our portable speakers are ideal for professional settings.

The Leitz Complete Professional Bluetooth range comes with full-range stereo speakers, including a down-firing subwoofer and a passive radiator. You can also adjust bass and treble easily on the back. Beautifully finished, these speakers add a touch of style to your surroundings.

With no need to be constantly plugged in, our tiny wireless speakers are practical as well as portable. Leitz's Mini portable speakers allow you to enjoy consistently clear sound quality for business events and while travelling, whether you are playing a clip from your smartphone or music from the built-in mp3 player via micro SD card. When your smartphone rings, you can easily use the microphone for conference calls anytime, anywhere. Carrying extra sets of batteries is a thing of the past with USB connectors for recharging. All Leitz Complete portable speakers use Bluetooth technology, allowing for easy pairing with a wide range of iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs as well as smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Functional and elegant Bluetooth speakers 

Our portable speakers come with excellent sound quality and chic design with easily accessible buttons. Made from high-quality materials, these mobile speakers truly enrich your surroundings. Our Leitz Complete Professional Bluetooth Stereo Speaker adds an elegant touch to your office with its high-gloss finish.

Leitz’s tiny Mini Bluetooth Speaker is light, durable and functional with a simplistic design and dimensions of 60*54*40 mm - it fits into even the smallest of bags.

Bluetooth and wifi speakers by Leitz ensure you always have access to atmospheric background music or clear conference calls, around the office, in conference halls or when travelling on business. Explore your options and order your portable and mobile speakers from Leitz.