Leitz re:cycle office products

Made of eco-friendly materials that are 100% recyclable.


Leitz re:cycle - stunningly sustainable.


Step 1

First, take out the included tool.

Step 2

Second, remove the rivets.

Step 3

Third, recycle the materials separately.


Sustainable or design? Both.

Leitz re:cycle products prove that attractive design and eco-friendly materials are not mutually exclusive.


re:cycle products maximum green

All Leitz re:cycle plastic products are made of 100% recycled materials – and are completely recyclable.

Our mission

We strive to offer sustainable, high-quality products that will accompany you for years. 


Continual improvement

From product development to production and sales, our effect on the environment is the focal point of our business.


Goodbye, throwaway culture.

The durability and recyclability of our products are the core of our corporate philosophy – today and tomorrow.


Lever Arch File Leitz re:cycle 180° Board A4/50 mm

100% recyclable, Patented 180° mechanism

Lever Arch File Leitz re:cycle 180° Board A4/80 mm

100% recyclable, Patented 180° mechanism

Letter tray Leitz Plus re:cycle Standard

100% recycled material. A4.

Magazine file Leitz re:cycle

100% recycled material. A4.

3-Flap Folder Leitz re:cycle PP A4

100% recycled, 150 sheet capacity (80gsm paper)

Project file Leitz re:cycle PP

A4, 100% recycled, 5 expanding and 1 fixed compartments with Index, 250 sheet capacity (80gsm paper)

Pocket Leitz re:cycle A4 Box of 100

100% recycled embossed PP foil, box of 100