Leitz Icon creates paper and plastic labels, in many lengths and sizes. Just perfect for every occasion!


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One day. One machine.

Leitz Icon – an expert label printer and barcode printer. With a range of advanced cartridges to choose from. Mobile apps for swift overall access. A Wi-Fi connection. And Apple AirPrint even comes preinstalled. So you can print anytime, anywhere.


Smart label cartriges

A label printer cartridge that communicates with your devices.

Loading is easy – simply drop it in and go! Need various label sizes? No problem. Create multiple label formats from just one label printer cartridge. Monitor supply types and level by synching it to your labelling software. Cartriges available in paper, plastic and card stock. 

  • Snaps on for easy changing
  • Detects what tape is loaded. And how much is left.
  • Made of recycled paper pulp

Did you know?

All our label printer cartridges are made from recycled paper pulp. Reflecting our long-term committment to sustainability.


Leitz Icon Intelligent Plastic Label Cartridge 88 mm

For multipurpose use. Plastic material. Permanent adhesive.

Leitz Icon Intelligent Label Cartridge Endless roll 61mmx22m

For wide lever arch file spine labels. Paper material. Permanent adhesive. Recyclable.

Leitz Icon Intelligent Label Cartridge Endless roll 25mmx22m

For multipurpose use. Paper material. Permanent adhesive. Recyclable.

Leitz Icon Intelligent Die-Cut Label Cartridge 26 x 88 mm

For large address labels. 600 labels. Paper material. Permanent adhesive. Recyclable.


Continuous tape

  • Easy to peel off, continuous paper tape – 22 metres in length

  • Permanent adhesive on recyclable white paper

  • From 28 to 2700 mm, cut labels to the required length

  • Print from different directions

  • Eliminate jams and stop wasting paper: print one label at a time 

Plastic labels

  • 10 metres of continuous plastic tape – and it's easy to peel off

  • Cut labels to the length you need, from 28mm to 2700 mm, and print from either direction

  • Made of durable permanent adhesive plastic.

Die-cut labels

  • Unbeatably fast with printing up to 200 labels per minute

  • Print small and large address labels and shipping labels

  • Permanent adhesive, die-cut white paper labels for heavy duty mailings

  • Prevents jamming or wasting an entire sheet of labels to print just one


  • For multipurpose labelling tasks such as name badges, appointment cards, and more. In the office or on the go.

  • Intelligent card-stock cartridge

  • Made of paper