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One machine for your labeling needs

The Leitz Icon Label Printer is a truly versatile machine, with the most advanced cartridges (letting you print more label types), Mobile Apps (iOS and Android), Wi-Fi, and Apple AirPrint built in; you can print anytime, anywhere.


  • Smart Chip

    Know what you are printing on, without checking. This chip tells Leitz Icon Software which cartridge is loaded and how much material is left.
  • Folding Label Guide

    Never touch or thread a label again. With our folding label guide, Leitz Icon will automatically advance the label and retract when you remove the cartridge.
  • Recyclable

    Separate the Plastic Label Guide from the Paper Pulp Cartridge Body and simply drop into a Blue Bin when you are finished with your cartridge.
  • The Continuous Cartridge

    With our Continuous Material Cartridge and the brains in the Leitz Icon Software, you can print 8 of the most common labels from one cartridge!


  • Easy to peel off, continuous paper tape – 72 feet in length

  • Permanent adhesive on recyclable white paper

  • From .5 in to 3.5 in wide, labels are automatically cut to length

  • Print from 1 in to 6 feet in length for maximum versatility 

Die Cut

  • Unbeatably fast printing up to 200 labels per minute

  • Print small or large address labels and shipping labels

  • Permanent adhesive, die-cut white paper labels for high capacity jobs

  • Prevents jamming or wasting an entire sheet of labels to print just one


  • 33 feet of continuous plastic tape – and it's easy to peel off

  • Cut labels to the length you need, from .5 to 3.5 in wide, and print from either direction

  • Made of durable permanent adhesive plastic: water proof and UV-resistant

Card Stock

  • For multipurpose labelling tasks such as name badges, appointment cards, and more. 

  • 3.5 in Cartridge allows for maximum versatility for your project needs
  • Made of non-adhesive card stock