Leitz Traveller

Leitz Complete Traveller bags are designed with the high expectations of modern business travellers in mind.

Leitz Icon Software & Manuals

Download here the software and manual for the Leitz Icon labelling system.

Leitz Complete

A top-of-the-line range of durable accessories that complement your mobile devices. So you feel and look professional - wherever you are.


Leitz NeXXt Series Style Metal Office Stapler

30 sheets. Perfect stapling with patented Direct Impact Technology. In blister pack, includes staples.

Leitz EasyPrint


Simply design 
your own labels - 
whenever you need them.



Leitz is a brand of Esselte Corporation, the leading global office supplies manufacturer. 

Esselte releases white paper

Work is where you are.

Everywhere Worker

As one of the leading brands in the global office products market, we constantly look ahead to the workplaces and practices of the future. In 2012, we published the first ‘Future of Work’ White Paper.

We found high levels of interest in the topic, not just from our industry colleagues but also from the wider business community. This was not totally unexpected as whatever shape the office of the future may take, work will always be with us.. This year the focus is on ‘Working Everywhere’.

We were careful not to restrict our working practices to either the office, the home or the now infamous ‘third space’ that made Starbucks founder Howard Schultz his millions. We have moved on. A fourth space is certainly available in the cloud and others may follow but, as we discuss, even the simplest concepts have changed significantly.

White paper - full version. Read and dowload here.