Leitz Traveller

Leitz Complete Traveller bags are designed with the high expectations of modern business travellers in mind.

Leitz Icon Software & Manuals

Download here the software and manual for the Leitz Icon labelling system.

Leitz Complete

A top-of-the-line range of durable accessories that complement your mobile devices. So you feel and look professional - wherever you are.


Leitz NeXXt Series Style Metal Office Hole Punch

30 sheets. Patented grip zone and ultra sharp stamps reduce punching effort. In blister pack.


Print your own Label

Leitz is a brand of Esselte Corporation, the leading global office supplies manufacturer. 

Esselte releases white paper

The future world of work

Is this the end of work as we know it?

A thought-provoking new white paper, ‘The Future of Work’, suggests it could be. Commissioned by Esselte Corporation to mark its 100-year anniversary, the paper looks at the current and future world of work highlighting the key changes both employees and companies are going to have to adapt to.

Martin Kula, Vice President – Marketing, Esselte concludes; “The paper underlines how innovation, collaboration and more efficient organisation of the way we work must be hard-wired into a company, and be championed and invested in by senior management. Helping people be organised and in control is Esselte’s core competence – it is in our DNA."

White paper - full version. Read and dowload here.